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An Optimist

Peter Laurenčík 

Peter, as he says about himself, had two lives. The one before the defeat, when he was a successful, busy businessman, an avid skydiver, and the other after the defeat, which brought real values ​​to his life. Love of family, support of friends and peace of mind. Peter went through a trial by fire after his stroke. He went limp, and in addition, the part of his brain responsible for speech began to sublimate. Three months after the stroke, he began to lose the ability to communicate with his environment. This can really take a toll on a person mentally. In addition, he was losing his balance, and his life was fundamentally changing. The money he earned at the expense of his health, he had to invest in healthcare after his challenges. “I’m satisfied, even if I’m moving forward with little steps:” says the optimist Peter. That’s how he named the unique painting he created with academic painter Jana Farmanová. Peter works out not only in ADELI, but also in home fitness. His speech has also developed thanks to speech therapists. The brain has the miraculous ability that another center in the brain takes over the functions of the dead part. Peter values ​​family, friendship, animals. He has horses and a donkey. He lives the life he has left with the utmost respect and humility.

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