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Full Body Painting

Ivanka is living proof that a poorly managed birth can have a fatal impact on the life of a newborn human. Even though the doctors in Lučenec claimed that Ivanka was born healthy, time showed that her mother’s intuition was correct. Ivanka’s health began to deteriorate quickly, because of suffocation by the umbilical cord. Ivanka was not lucky with doctors, but she is very lucky with kind and caring parents. “We love her and that’s the most important thing” this confession of Ivanka’s father is proof that she has real angels next to her. From the beginning, they made sure that she rehabilitated profusely and had everything to achieve successful progress. Due to the difficulty of financing her therapies, the father left to work in Switzerland when Ivanka was 4 years old, then the whole family decided to travel to Switzerland to ensure the best health care for their beloved daughter. Her unfortunate start in life took its toll on her health. Today, Ivanka is a beautiful and irresistible teenager – even though she does not talk or walk. She loves music and horses. The result of long-term rehabilitation is that Ivanka is growing without significant deformations of her body. Although she does not speak, she observes her environment with understanding. The proof is also this work of art, where she showed remarkable abstract talent, which perfectly met the artistic sensibility of the academic painter Pavel Herman.

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