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Marián Valent is a champion who survived hellish nightmare in a place where we usually want to get closer to heaven. At Sunday mass in church, he suddenly began to choke. He almost died. They revived him for 40 minutes. To this day, the doctors don’t quite know the exact cause. When he woke up, he was in the hospital, unable to breathe, talk, eat or move on his own. Thanks to the love and care of his family, wife and older daughter, he survived all this horror. With the help of intensive rehabilitation at ADELI, which he has been undergoing for many years, he can still progress and push his limits. The main support in his life is his wife, whom he loves immensely. It’s Marián’s 30th time in ADELI, he’s in great shape and he’s happy that he could contribute a little bit to the unique image.

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