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The Journey to Light

Janet Jakubíková 

Janet helped others all her life as a nurse. But then came a shock and a break – that, which only life can bring. Janet was hit by the so-called long COVID, her body began to be weaker and weaker and she felt excruciating pain that only morphine could relieve. The worst thing is when, together with your health, you also lose all the safe spaces around you. Janet lost her job, her husband who left her and the dancing and hiking she loved so much. However, thanks to intensive rehabilitation, she is progressing and soothing both physical and psychological pain. For her, painting is a wonderful therapy and an expression of her inner depths. The way she painted together with the academic painter Jana Farmanová is a clear proof that she is mentally in top condition and that her vision of the world is unique and deep.

Actual price:

500 €

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