unique pictures

Friendship is a Gift

Eliška Octová 

Eliška is already “at home” in ADELI, she is very friendly and communicative, loves fairy tales, especially the Brothers Grimm and Cinderella. Also because of the magic of fairy-tale creatures and stories, she looks forward to Christmas. She loves animals, especially dogs and horses. What kind of present would she like for Christmas? “Well, after all, a live unicorn, what else… 🙂 …but if you can’t find one, even a guinea pig will do.”This is already her second work of art within the framework of Unique pictures – last year she painted a painting of Cinderella in ADELI together with Zbyš Felix.

Friendship Forever

Armin Bolcs 

Armin is a beautiful 30 years old man, however he is spending it in a wheelchair. He was born with multiple disabilities, but his parents sought out the best specialists and therapies from an early age, just to allow him to LIVE at the fullest possible level. He regularly rehabilitates at ADELI and he is successfully recovering not only physically but also mentally. At each stay, his family observes his progress, he learned to ride a bicycle and he started using his right hand. He is interested in computers and football. Armin is also a big fan of Ferencváros and he transformed the favorite green club color into his loving painting, which was lovingly completed by Pavel Herman.

Zuzka’s Best Friend

Zuzana Zajacová 

Zuzana is in her prime and believes that her life full of obstacles will only go in an optimistic direction. Her father is everything to her, as is the doll he gave her about 10 years ago. She always carries the doll with her as a talisman and named her Zuzka. This doll also dominates her part of the painting, which was finished by Pavel Herman. It is also beautiful to see within a painting how a child’s simple world can be combined with adulthood and maturity.


Marián Valent is a champion who survived hellish nightmare in a place where we usually want to get closer to heaven. At Sunday mass in church, he suddenly began to choke. He almost died. They revived him for 40 minutes. To this day, the doctors don’t quite know the exact cause. When he woke up, he was in the hospital, unable to breathe, talk, eat or move on his own. Thanks to the love and care of his family, wife and older daughter, he survived all this horror. With the help of intensive rehabilitation at ADELI, which he has been undergoing for many years, he can still progress and push his limits. The main support in his life is his wife, whom he loves immensely. It’s Marián’s 30th time in ADELI, he’s in great shape and he’s happy that he could contribute a little bit to the unique image.

Full Body Painting

Ivanka is living proof that a poorly managed birth can have a fatal impact on the life of a newborn human. Even though the doctors in Lučenec claimed that Ivanka was born healthy, time showed that her mother’s intuition was correct. Ivanka’s health began to deteriorate quickly, because of suffocation by the umbilical cord. Ivanka was not lucky with doctors, but she is very lucky with kind and caring parents. “We love her and that’s the most important thing” this confession of Ivanka’s father is proof that she has real angels next to her. From the beginning, they made sure that she rehabilitated profusely and had everything to achieve successful progress. Due to the difficulty of financing her therapies, the father left to work in Switzerland when Ivanka was 4 years old, then the whole family decided to travel to Switzerland to ensure the best health care for their beloved daughter. Her unfortunate start in life took its toll on her health. Today, Ivanka is a beautiful and irresistible teenager – even though she does not talk or walk. She loves music and horses. The result of long-term rehabilitation is that Ivanka is growing without significant deformations of her body. Although she does not speak, she observes her environment with understanding. The proof is also this work of art, where she showed remarkable abstract talent, which perfectly met the artistic sensibility of the academic painter Pavel Herman.